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We provide exceptional online training for foster carers, special guardians, connected persons, foster to adopt carers and social workers. 


“A very enjoyable training day - Arlene and Simon have clearly put a huge amount of effort into designing and delivering an outstanding Faith in Fostering and Adoption course which will greatly enhance the understanding of anyone who attends of an area which has long been neglected. Absolutely brilliant! Great variation of learning techniques delivered a very engaging and enjoyable learning experience. The video interviews were very helpful in bringing the materials to life.”

Gabrielle Gibney
Panel Member
“The range of information and feedback from individuals in videos was brilliant and thought provoking. The variety of training methods used - videos, break out discussions, polls etc made it varied and enjoyable. We were given practical tools to use in assessments and ongoing support to take forward and develop. I enjoyed discussing the impact of our own experiences/attitudes re. faith and the importance of acknowledging these - lots to reflect on."

Zelia Chandler
Supervising Social Worker
“I found it really powerful to think more deeply about my understanding of religion and how each individual experiences religion in a very personal way.... Previously I would have been concerned that my own lack of knowledge may have appeared/presented as ignorance to their Faith or Religion, whereas now I feel more confident/empowered in recognsing the importance of the individual experience and acknowledging this when asking questions and exploring this with carers/prospective carers.”
Social Work Training Coordinator
“Arlene's approach and her extensive knowledge and experience was evident. It is such a professional delight to have a webinar about panel delivered by someone who understands every detail of panel, its role and function.
Geraldine McNally
Panel Manager
“The videos were very helpful - the LADO talking about her role and spelling out the outcomes and what that meant in reality was succinct and clear. The Poll at the end was good - good to have something interactive!”

Mark Hagon
Panel Member
“I really enjoyed the training and I feel it worked well via zoom. The trainers were very knowledgeable and delivered the information in a way that suited all learning styles.  I thought the case studies were particularly helpful.”
Jackie Crow
Panel Member
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